The Benefits of Installing Garage Door Stops

Ensuring the safety of yourself and your employees is a crucial part of running any business. One of the most overlooked aspects of workplace safety is the prevalence of injuries caused by accidentally falling commercial garage doors. These accidents frequently occur without significant warning signs and lead to an estimated 20,000-30,000 injuries every year. While most workplaces have some kind of safety measures in place on existing commercial garage doors, these are often not enough to completely prevent accidents from happening. For this reason, we highly recommend installing Safe-T-Support garage door stops, which are the best option on the market when it comes to stopping robust commercial garage doors in their tracks and preventing injuries to employees as well as damage to equipment or products.


Reasons To Install Garage Door Stops


Installing garage door stops has many advantages, especially in comparison to other options out there and commercial-grade installations. Here are some of the main benefits your business and employees can expect after investing in Safe-T-Support garage door stops:


  • Ensures Employee Safety: Safe-T-Support’s garage door safety arms stop falling doors in their tracks, offering the best injury prevention. Many other readily available solutions, such as infrared lights, offer some level of protection, but cannot physically stop a door from falling once it is in motion. Our garage door stops offer you and your employees the best protection available from falling commercial garage doors.


  • Easy to Use and Saves Money: Our garage door stops are easily installed and set up on commercial doors. Additionally, even once they are deployed, they can be easily set up again without impacting performance. Other products on the market utilize other methods of stopping a falling door that may cause permanent damage to the door or track, making them costly and difficult to reinstall after use.


  • Protects Your Company: The last thing you want to deal with in the wake of a workplace accident or tragedy is the ensuing legal repercussions. Ensuring you have the best protection for your workers prevents you from having to deal with the headaches and costs associated with the fallout of a workplace accident.


Safe-T-Support’s Garage Door Stops


Safe-T-Support’s commercial garage door stops offer top-notch workplace safety and protection. We offer different versions, each with unique features to match your specific requirements.


Available Safe-T-Support Garage Door Stops


  • Manual Safety Arms w/ LED Lights: The most cost-effective garage door stop offered by Safe-T-Support requires manual unlocking and implementation of the safety arms. LED lights will denote when the arms are securely locked into place and protect from falling commercial garage doors. This variant is best suited for commercial garage doors that experience infrequent use or operation.


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  • Semi-Automatic Safety Arms w/ LED Lights: This option is a combination of the Manual and Automatic options as it extends and secures safety arms with the aid of an electrically powered cylinder. The cylinder is deployed and retracted through an electrical box with a selector switch while the corresponding LED lights change to denote the arm position.


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  • Automatic Safety Arms w/ LED Lights: This variant is ideal for high-use commercial garage doors and combines exceptional safety measures with ease-of-use considerations. While the door raises, the safety arms of the garage door stop automatically extend into position, and the LED light changes to green. Safe-T-Supports Automatic garage door stop requires no additional manual input from employees to provide protection and will retract once the garage door begins closing.


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While each product variant may require different levels of involvement, each garage door stop delivers impressive protection to employees, equipment, and products through the below features.


  • Two powder-coated safety arms, one for each side of the garage door, and powder-coated steel brackets
  • Arms are mounted to the garage door track using supplied clamps, which are designed for a standard 2” garage door track
  • Custom mounting options
  • Reusable, even after successfully stopping a commercial garage door from falling
  • LED Light notification


Independent installation and setup of garage door stops is simple and easy. However, Safe-T-Support does offer installation services anywhere. We suggest that you thoroughly measure your existing commercial door and consult our measurement guide before selecting a product as slight differences will impact overall performance. You can learn more about the different garage door stop options that we offer on our products page.

Learn More About Garage Door Stops

Safe-T-Support’s garage door stops for commercial-grade overhead doors are unlike anything else found on the market, providing you with the safest and most secure option for keeping your workplace safe. If you’d like to learn more about what we offer and how we can get your workplace safety up to speed, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.