Safe-T-Support’s Commercial Overhead Door Safety Device

Safe-T-Support is a subsidiary of SJK Machine that manufactures commercial overhead door safety devices. Unfortunately, as many as 20,000 people a year suffer injuries from falling or otherwise malfunctioning garage doors. Our Garage Door Safety Arms are designed to prevent injuries at home and at the workplace by stopping garage doors in their tracks. These products are easily installed, convenient, and most importantly, protect you, your employees, and everyone else from unnecessary injury.

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Our Story

SJK Machine began in 1998 as a small CNC machine shop in Minerva, Ohio. With just one manual mill and limited tools, we were able to lean on our industry knowledge and determination to slowly grow into a successful business. Over the next few years, we were able to add to our line of machinery, and grew to the point where we were working with a variety of industries to provide all aspects of custom fabrication and machines. Today, we work with many different industries, including Aerospace, the Department of Defense, Automotive, Oil and Gas, Medical, and Electronics, to name a few.

Now, even after 25 years, we continue to look for new opportunities. As we have become increasingly aware of the issue of garage safety both at home and the workplace, we have decided to design our own overhead door safety device, the Garage Door Safety Arm, and thus Safe-T-Support was born.

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Our Products

Safe-T-Support’s Garage Door Safety Arm is designed as a safety measure to protect people from falling garage doors. While other safety measures, such as infrared light sensors, are widely used today, they do not offer the same level of protection that our Garage Door Safety Arms offer, as they are not physically able to stop a door from falling. Our overhead door safety devices are designed to literally stop a falling door in its tracks, thus adding additional safety measures to the home or workplace to protect against serious injuries.

We have four options available, including automatic and semi-automatic safety arms with LED lights. Each option comes with two safety arms, one for each side of the garage door, which is mounted to the garage door track using supplied clamps. View all of our products and learn more about how you can improve the safety of your garages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Safe-T-Support systems work on any type of overhead door?
Yes, our systems will work on all different door types, from sectional to roll-up, we have the bracket systems covered for all types.
What sizes are availble for my overhead door?
Our Systems are built to order and will work on any height and width door. We build our systems to work with the door type you have when discussed at the time of ordering.
How does Safe-T-Support work with my extisting overhead door opener?
Our system ties into your 3 button opener box that you currently would have mounted beside your overhead door. We can also build custom systems if your facility happens to have a general control panel that remotley opens all of your overhead doors.
Will my opener remote work on the Safe-T-Support system?
Yes, our systems come complete with all components needed to get the systems installed and working, we also have literature on what tools you will need to complete installation. All of our systems come with a USB drive that has an installation video and other lietrature for your system(s).
How long does installation take?
Typically, installation should include 2 installers and would take 3 hours per system from start to completion.
Does Safe-T-Support offer installation?
Yes, we offer professional installation anywhere in the world.
How much clearence does Safe-T-Support need when installed?
Our systems were designed to take up as little room as possible, they take up around 4 inches on each side of the overhead door track when the door is open. When the overhead door is closed, it takes up around 8 inches from the back of the overhead door.
How long does it take to Ship when an order is placed?
Since our systems are built to order, typically we will ship out your order within 1 week of when the order was placed.
My overhead door has a wall or obstruction right next to the overhead door track- Do you offer systems that have a tight mounting clearance?
Yes, we have a mounting solution that is made for facilities that may have very tight clearance between an obstruction and their overhead door track.
If I have an issue with my system, is there a Tech Department to help me troubleshoot and get my systems working?
Yes, we have a 24/7 line available.
Is there a warranty with Safe-T-Support?
We offer a 1 year parts warranty on all systems.
Are replacement parts available quickly?
We off all our parts for purchase with next day delivery for existing systems.

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