Dock, Garage and Overhead Door Safety Stopper | Overhead Door Stoppers for Injury Prevention

Protecting you and your employees from injury with the safest, most reliable technology.

    • Easy to self-install or have our experts install
    • innovative design
    • unparalleled protection
    • customizable for nearly any size overhead door
    • Fast manual or automatic engagement
    • Handles load unlike any others
    • LED Door open/close indicator
    • Can prevent costly forklift collisions

Safe-T-Support’s Overhead Door Safety Arms

Workplace safety is a critical component of owning or running a business. Far too often, the amount of care and attention put into implementing safety measures for the workplace, particularly in warehouses or garages, is not up to par, resulting in nearly 20,000 people suffering garage door injuries every year. If an overhead garage door malfunctions and closes when it shouldn’t, it can seriously injure or even kill someone if they are standing underneath it. In addition to potential tragic outcomes for your employees, these kinds of incidents can also cost your company a lot of money.

While other safety devices, such as infrared sensors, are widely used today, they are fully dependent on the existing mechanisms in place to raise and lower the garage door. If one of these parts fails, the infrared sensors are unable to physically stop the door from falling, thereby making it unable to prevent injury. Safe-T-Support has designed the Garage Door Safety Arm as a measure to physically stop garage doors in their tracks, therefore preventing these injuries from happening.

Safe-T-Support’s Garage Door Safety Arms are easy to install, and with a variety of options to choose from, you’ll be able to find the right option to ensure the highest levels of garage safety and help prevent unnecessary injuries.

How it Works

All of our Garage Door Safety Arms come with supplied clamps that are designed for a standard 2” garage door track, and are designed for quick and easy installation. Custom mounting options are available upon request. Safe-T-Support offers multiple options with varying features, and while each option is different, all will prevent a garage door from falling once its operation has failed. The Garage Door Safety Arm easily extends and retracts, and uses indicator lights to ensure the operator that they are in place and operating properly.

Close up of our automatic safety arm attached to the frame of a garage door.
Close up of the bottom clamps of our automatic safety arm attached to the frame of a garage door.

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