Overhead Door Protection

Implement Overhead Door Protection with Safe-T-Support Solutions

Does your facility have overhead garage doors that you want to prevent from falling and injuring your employees or vendors? Safe-T-Support has the overhead door protection solutions you need. We provide extensive information about the garage door safety systems we offer throughout our website and on this page. If you would like to learn more about the ways our products will prevent your garage doors from falling, you can do so by reading further. If you know you need to install a protective system, you can jump ahead to request an overhead door protection system quote online.

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Prevent Injuries with a Simple Overhead Door Safety Device

Sometimes dangerous hazards at your facility can be eliminated with a simple solution. This is the case with Safe-T-Support garage door safety arms. The weight of a falling garage door can cause not just injury to an employee, but even death in extreme cases. Thankfully, you can keep your workers safe from this occurring by installing one of the proprietary garage door safety systems we offer. Our products are designed to keep your workers and vendors safe, keep you from having to deal with workers compensation issues post-injury, and keep your operations running smoothly.

Avoid Damaged Equipment with Our Garage Door Safety Arm

Employees are priority number one when it comes to overhead door protection, but an uncontrolled garage door can cause other issues too. Preventing your garage doors from falling can also protect your equipment, products, and automobiles. By preventing your door(s) from falling, our Garage Door Safety Arms will also prevent damage to equipment, products, and other valuables that make their way into and out of your facility. Even when your workers are safe, the safety arms from Safe-T-Support that you have installed will be ready to prevent equipment and vehicles from being damaged by falling doors.

Offering Overhead Door Safety Arms in 3 Styles

Different overhead garage doors and facilities can benefit from various levels of protection. This is why Safe-T-Support has developed garage door safety arms in 3 easy to install styles. One of these is a manual option that includes LED lights. We also offer semi-automatic safety arms and automatic garage door safety arms with LED lights. As you might imagine, the cost of each varies based on how advanced its mechanisms are. However, each is affordable, and we are confident one will be right for your facility’s overhead door(s) and your operations.

Go Beyond Infrared Sensors to Avoid Garage Door Mishaps

Infrared sensors are among the most common mechanisms for preventing garage doors from closing while someone or something is in the way.. While this method is cheap and can prevent some potential injury scenarios, infrared sensors aren’t error proof. In comparison, our door stops are more than a sensor that talks to the door’s electronic controls. Our overhead garage stops will physically prevent a door from falling, removing the risk of electric signaling not being received or received in time to prevent a severe injury to workers or vendors or to avoid damaged goods.

Contact Safe-T-Support to Discuss Your Garage Door’s Dimensions

It is always worthwhile to go above and beyond in protecting your workers and vendors who are exposed to your overhead garage door(s) and Safe-T-Support makes doing so affordable.

Before we can offer you a quote, it will be important for our team to understand the garage door you are seeking to make safer. We will need to know its dimensions, whether there are obstructions on either side of the entrance, the type of garage door you have, and a few other bits of pertinent information. We make the quote request process easy because you can provide all of this information to our team online through our website. Once received, we will review your door’s details, the garage door safety arm style you are interested in having installed and provide you with a quote or a request for further information.

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