Overhead Door Injury Prevention Systems

For over a quarter century, Safe-T-Support has been a leader in developing overhead door injury prevention devices. The systems we provide allow businesses to affordably add proven protection to their overhead facility doors. With three devices we sell and a wide range of openings they can protect, we are confident that we have the overhead door safety solution your facility needs.

To learn how our technology differs from less advanced door safety systems, you can read further. After doing so, we invite you to submit basic information about your facility door(s) and the area surrounding the opening(s). This will allow us to know if our Garage Door Safety Arms are suited to your facility as well as which option will be the right fit.

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Our Devices Physically Prevent Overhead Doors from Falling

Some overhead door injury prevention solutions are designed to warn workers who may be near a door that is not secure. We believe a warning or laser-based system is not enough to keep your employees safe when a door loses control. That is why our Garage Door Safety Arms physically stop doors from falling. As we will detail below, you will know the door is secure when an LED light connected to the device style you choose lights up to confirm the door’s position is locked.

Select from 3 Safe-T-Support System Styles

We make Garage Door Safety Arms available in three styles. The first is a manual solution. This manual device includes an LED light that will turn on when both arms are locked into place. The next option features a semi-automatic design where an electric cylinder that is connected to the door’s arms is controlled by a selector switch. This semi-automatic door safety system also includes an LED light that will indicate when the arms are locked in place, but most of the work is done for the operator.

Finally, we have our top-tier offering; the automatic Garage Door Safety Arm system. This solution is integrated into the existing door’s opening switch. The safety arms will lock into place during operation, and they will also automatically retract when the door is ready to be closed. The top-tier automated option is the easiest to use if the door is suited for it, but all three are reliable solutions to keep your employees safe from falling overhead doors.

Improving Worker Safety Can Also Improve Your Bottom Line

Employee safety may be your top priority when ordering an overhead door safety system, but there are other obvious benefits. Keeping workers out of harm’s way will also reduce the likelihood of preventing workers’ comp insurance price increase, staffing shortages, and more. Companies that strongly value their employees and want to keep them safe can do so while also protecting their bottom line from staffing and insurance-related issues.

Beyond the human cost of a falling door, equipment can get damaged too. All three of our Garage Door Safety Arms will also prevent falling overhead doors from damaging automobiles and equipment. Though these concerns may be secondary to your workers’ health and safety, they add to the value of our technology.

The Overhead Door Safety Devices We Make Are Easy to Install

Regardless of the model you choose to order, each overhead door injury prevention system we sell is simple to install. You can submit information about your facility to us online now and begin the ordering process. If you still have questions, our team will be able to answer them when you reach out. With an understanding of your facility, style of overhead door, and opening dimensions, we will know which of our systems will be the right one to choose. We invite you to get in touch now and begin the seamless ordering process so you can start making your facility safer for your employees.

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