How Our Commercial Garage Door Safety Device Beats the Competition

How Our Commercial Garage Door Safety Device Beats the Competition

Commercial garage door safety is an important part of overall workplace safety in many industries. While it’s something that is unfortunately frequently overlooked, garage door accidents lead to an estimated 20,000-30,000 injuries every single year. Most workplaces will have safety standards in place to prevent such accidents, but that doesn’t completely erase them. More safety measures are often required, and this is where Safe-T-Support comes in. Our commercial garage door safety arms are engineered to physically stop a malfunctioning garage door from falling.

While other products, such as infrared sensors, are widely used and somewhat effective, their limitations are still glaring. In short, an infrared sensor cannot prevent a falling door from crashing down in the way our safety arms can. Other safety arm systems exist, but are extremely limited when compared to ours. The fact is that nothing else on the market compares to what Safe-T-Support offers. It is a unique, one-of-a-kind safety solution.

A Brief Look at the Competition

We’ve briefly touched on infrared sensors, which are a helpful but ultimately limited safety solution, as they are incapable of physically preventing a door from crashing down. Competitor safety arms on the market are fairly limited as well. For example, some offer an arm that is mounted high up on the track or wall, but this design means that it can get ripped off when the door comes crashing down. Safe-T-Support’s safety arms have two points of contact in a straight line, making it more secure.

Other competitors use spikes to catch a falling door, and while these may in fact help to prevent a door from falling and causing injury, they would also damage the door or track every time they’re deployed. Our garage door safety arms do not cause any damage, so you don’t have to worry about having to use them.

While there are some alternatives out there, nothing really compares to Safe-T-Support’s garage door safety arms. They provide the most protection, and work in an effective, efficient and easy to use way that makes using them a no-brainer.

Commercial Garage Door Safety Device Features

Our commercial garage door safety arms are specifically designed to stop falling garage doors in their tracks to prevent workplace accidents that might otherwise cause serious injury or death. We offer four options of these commercial garage door safety arms, each with unique features to match your specific requirements. All four options include the following features:

  • Two safety arms, one for each side of the garage door
  • Arms are mounted to the garage door track using supplied clamps, which are designed for a standard 2” garage door track
  • Custom mounting options

Installation of our commercial garage door safety arms is simple and easy. Safe-T-Support offers installation anywhere. Learn more about the different options that we offer for our products.

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