Commercial Door Safety Lights

Confirm Overhead Doors are Secure with Commercial Door Safety Lights

Companies that value employee safety and want to make facility access simpler will want to buy commercial door safety lights from Safe-T-Support. We offer three overhead door safety systems, each of which includes an LED light that helps operators determine if a commercial door is locked safely or if it needs to be secured prior to vehicle entry or exit.

On this page and throughout our website, you can learn more about our commercial door safety lights and the overall door safety systems they are part of. Then, we invite you to send us some information about your facility’s door(s) so we can provide a quote and help you begin improving overhead door safety.

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Red Means Stow and Green Means Go

To explain our door safety lights as simply as possible, when these LED lights show green that means the overhead door is securely locked in place and vehicles and individuals can safely enter and exit your facility underneath. When the light is red, this means the door is not locked in place.

These easy-to-understand commercial door safety lights let the door’s operator know whether safe entry or exit is possible or if the door still needs to be locked in place. The best part about our system is that the LED light automatically reflects red or green based on the status of the garage door safety arms, which we will now begin describing.

Safety Lights Are Only One Component of Our Overhead Door Safety System

While door safety lights are helpful, our system goes much further than simply letting operators know when the door is locked in place. The LED lights are connected to overhead door safety arms which are used to securely lock a door in place. The essential concept is when these safety arms are securely locking the door in its position, the LED light will automatically flash green and when they are not, a red light will serve as a warning. The way the locking mechanism functions will vary across our product range, but the LED lighting system does not vary with our different door safety system designs.

You Can Choose Between Manual, Semi-Automatic, and Automatic Systems

We mentioned that our overhead door safety systems come in three styles. The first of these are our manual overhead door safety arms with LED lights. While this system requires manually unlocking and locking the safety arms, the LED light system will show green once they are safely in place. We also make a semi-automatic version of this system for less manually intensive operation. Finally, we have a fully automatic overhead safety system. As with the manual system, the semi-automatic and automatic door safety systems include an LED light that make confirming if the door is safely locked as simple as looking for a green or red light.

Never Wonder if an Overhead Door is Locked in Place with Our Lights

While the Safe-T-Support safety system would work reliably without a light, this component adds a simple visual check that confirms if safe entry is possible. Rather than assuming a door is locked, and operator can quickly check to confirm the light is green after handling manual, semi-automatic, or automatic locking. If you are looking to simplify the control of your facility’s overhead door while also making entry and exit safer, contact Safe-T-Support today to provide us with information about your door and facility so we can begin preparing a quote.

Consider Your Options Then Request a Door Safety System Quote

You can browse the Safe-T-Support website to learn even more about our commercial door safety lights and system designs as well as read about the company we grew out of, SJK Machine. You can contact us to get a deeper understanding of how our manual, semi-automatic, and automatic door safety systems work and to figure out which one is best for your facility’s design and price range. If you already have an idea of the LED lighting and door safety system you want to order, you can request a quote directly through our website.

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