Case Study: Improving Facility Safety at Agri-Service

Case Study: Improving Facility Safety at Agri-Service 

The Challenge

The facilities at Agri-Service experience considerable traffic of vehicles, customers, and employees each day with most of this movement requiring the passage under one, or several, overhead garage doors. While these doors did have an existing brake system in place to stop potential free-fall from occurring, a majority of the employees did not trust that this system would effectively prevent damage or injury when the situation arose. To address the concerns of facility safety presented by employees, Agri-Service was proactive in its approach and reached out to the experienced team at Safe-T Support to develop an adequate solution. The specific challenge for Agri-Service was how to adequately improve overhead garage door stop measures throughout their facility without requiring the removal of the pre-existing brake system. 

The Solution

After extensive conversations between the team at Agri-Service and Safe-T Support it was determined that the challenge required a two-fold solution. First and foremost, Safe-T Support recommended installing Automatic Safety Arms with LED Lights at all critical overhead doors. The Automatic Safety Arms with LED Lights is the most advanced solution offered by Safe-T Support and provides an unparalleled level of protection against free-falling overhead garage doors. Once the garage door opening sequence is initiated and the door travels upwards along the tracks, it will trip a supplied limit switch. At this point, the arms will automatically extend into position without any further employee intervention. The LED Light indicator system will change to green to signify that the arms are in position and the door is protected from free-falling. When closing, the arms will retract automatically to a neutral position and the LED will switch back to a red light that identifies the arms are not in position. 


A secondary facet of this project was that Agri-Service hoped to avoid removing the existing brake system from the doors. During the initial conversation and proposal phase it was determined that proper installation of Safe-T Support Automatic Safety Arms without removing the brake system required customized brackets. After reviewing the customer measurements, photographs, and information Safe-T support technicians developed a suitable customized bracket that allowed for seamless installation of Automatic Safety Arms without removing the pre-established brake system.

The Results

By choosing Safe-T Support for their garage door safety system needs, Agri-Service received comprehensive protection for equipment, employees, and customers throughout their facility. Safe-T Support Automatic Safety Arms with LED Lights installed at heavily trafficked locations throughout the building guaranteed that Agri-Service would not experience costly equipment repairs or employee injury suits in the future. This provided peace of mind for the customers and service technicians regularly passing underneath the suspended overhead garage doors with full confidence in the Safe-T Support Automatic Safety Arms. Furthermore, Safe-T Support was capable of working with Agri-Service to develop customized brackets for installation that allowed the client to retain the existing brake system without requiring considerable additional modifications. 

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